10 of the realest things Karl Lagerfeld said in his NYMag interview

Yesterday, Carl Swanson interviewed Karl Lagerfeld for The Cut and it was soooo epic. Since reading takes time, I have excerpted all of the most relatable quotations. Celebrities, they’re just like normals!

  1. “I was 6 years old… I was sitting on my mother’s desk in the country estate, in the big house — on her desk, where I was not supposed to sit and sketch — and I said to myself: You will become very famous.

    REALNESS LEVEL: 7/10. This has happened to me so many times! Does it count if you’re not 6?

  2. “I only eat what doesn’t look anymore like what it was when it was alive. I can only eat hamburgers. I am not inclined to steakhouses.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 6/10. The struggle is real, but eat a turkey burger or something! I, too, am not inclined to steakhouses.

  3. “Today the world comes to you. I read every magazine and everything. There are very few people as informed as I am.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 7/10. Need to read all those magazines for the nooz media!!!

  4. “My mother said Germany without Jewish people is like a dish with no salt.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: ?! When my grandma was deported from Germany to the Shtetl, she was like, “Ugh, Germany’s gonna be so bland now.”

  5. “I’m not a poor victim of Dr. Freud, kill the father or the mother, no.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 8/10. Eff you, Dr. Freud! You aren’t fun at all! Go home, no one likes you.

  6. “And the people who ask themselves if they could do better than me, they all failed. I don’t give you names because they are forgotten.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 10/10. All of the people who tried to beat me are forgotten because they instantly died! Don’t ask for their names. They weren’t even born!

  7. “You know, as a child I was told by my mother, you must learn nothing. You always have to depend on people, because then you have to make an effort to have the money that they will do it for you.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 5/10. My mother always told me: “Be unable to do basic tasks so that people think you’re rich so that you can become rich so that you can have help for the things you are unable to do.”

  8. “You know, the problem with private jets is that even if you have a big one, if you have many people [aboard], then it is a nightmare. More than three or four, forget about it. I remember I came back from Moscow and brought all my assistants. It was the worst flight, because they asked for drinks and this and that. I like to sleep in planes.”

    REALNESS LEVEL: 9/10. The help can be SO annoying when you let them fly private with you. Like, I’m sorry, isn’t your name “help” because you’re supposed to be HELPFUL?!

  9. “I’m working class.”

    Realness level: 10/10. Raise your hand if you’re working class but, that doesn’t mean the help can come on your plane. Excuse me help, I’m busy WORKING #workingclass

  10. “I don’t know how to cook, I don’t know how to make a bed. I only know sketching and talking and making collections.”

    Everytime I try to make my bed, it’s so confusing! Where does the big square fabric go?

Jenya Kenner