Who I really am

Hi everyone! bios are boring so i decided to format this as an faq. 

You can skip around depending on what interests you most. But the main things you need to know are: I may be famous but I'm just a normal girl, I love my fans, and I love receiving questions to answer on my blog! Submit here!

on Fame


What is it like to be famous? 

It's hard to say because I've been famous for so long! But you should know; while I am very grateful for what I have (especially the free stuff!), behind the glamour it is really difficult. You are constantly being watched and people say mean things about you. I am a very emotional person so the haters can sometimes get under my skin. But on the whole, being famous is like being a normal person, except your friends' dramz always ends up on TMZ. So annoying! Sometimes I wish I could go back to having a private life but mostly I love being exactly who I am! 

Do famous people eat?

I get asked this a lot, and I can't speak for other celebrities but I am eating literally constantly. Food is so good; it's like my favorite thing. But like many other celebs, I have a complicated relationship with food. For me, this is because I'm technically allergic to all of my favorite foods: gluten and dairy. I can't eat any gluten, but l am only lactose intolerant so I carry lactaid pills at all times and eat lactose-free cheese constantly. I don't know how my skin not covered in pimples because my favorite food is cheese.! I also love vegetables and fruit! And potato chips are a staple. Long story short I love to eat! See the question about staying hydrated (in the Water section) to learn about my struggle with potato chips.

on Fashion

where do you get your inspiration?

This is really hard because I am inspired constantly by my fans and fellow bloggers (love you all!) but I am rarely so inspired that I have to buy something new. Sometimes I find inspiration in the little things, like a piece of fruit. Other times, I am deep in my daydreams and inspiration comes to me in the form of a thought. I live and breathe fashion so inspiration is all around me! But when it comes to buying something, and the decision to buy it, it's a much more calculated process.

Where do you shop?

I pretty much only shop consignment. Besides the obvious things (like underwear, gross), I only buy second hand, because the production of new clothes is really bad for the planet! But mostly because I'm a brand whore and don't feel like paying retail. And sweatshops are so bad, so I try not to shop retail. When I must have something that I can't find second-hand, I send the company a ton of messages until they give it to me for free. 

How can I shop your closet?

This is hard; you kind of can't because it's all consignment/one of a kind but if you send me a message and beg I might sell it to you. I'll start linking my closet if you guys promise not to go and actually buy the stuff retail and ruin the planet--I don't want it to be my fault. 

What is the deal with the #KennadianTuxedo and #Bathleisure?

These are really complicated issues and so I'm gonna take a raincheck for now. 

on Water

You are a #WaterAmbassador. what does that mean and what does it entail?

All celebrities have a cause, and mine is water. It is my mission to protect it and raise awareness about it. It's a lot harder than it sounds. Not only do I have to protect the polar ice caps, but I have to constantly be on alert to make sure that all the people around me (and especially my friends and family) are hydrated. And of course, I also have to stay hydrated myself! The life of a #WaterAmbassador never stops.

How do you stay hydrated?

I know I make it look easy, but it's not. I'm actually not that hydrated of a person because I love potato chips. What this means is that I am constantly dehydrated from all the chips, so I make sure that I have a water bottle on me at all times, and every time I have a stressful thought, or a tabloid says something mean about me, I driiiink!